Sunday, September 25, 2005

What I have on needles and hooks -- but no pics :(

Why no pics? Well. . . .

. . . here I am, all ready to both publish our website I've been trying to work as well as start this blog when . . . my digital camera decides it doesn't like me anymore. It won't turn on. And yes, I've tried charging the battery. I'll have to turn it over to my father who will probably look at it worridly, turn it over a few times and flip the power button and . . . it will turn on and behave itself. Which is what usually happens when I try to mix with electronics. Anyway, so as much as I would like to post a pic or two of what I've got going -- I can't. Because I haven't TAKEN any pics of what I'm working on. Sniff. Hey, I'm glad I've touched my needles at all since I've gotten all excited about Sudoku (a logic game -- if you've been in the shop this week I've probably either hurridly stuffed it under a project or been flagrantly working on it. You can see what in blazes I'm writing about at I warn you, I'm addiciting others to it. I'm not saying that this is the best website -- it's the only one I've looked at -- or anything serious. It is just what I've been working on.

Onto yarn stuff though -- no pics but here's what I've got currently on needles -- or hook (no particular order):
  1. Snood in Katia Sevilla (crochet)
  2. Snood in Cascade Copa (crochet)
  3. Fair Isle hat in Lorna's Laces (knitting)
  4. Sock in Opal sock yarn (knitting -- no pics! A gift to someone!)
  5. Afgan in Plymouth Encore (crochet)
  6. Window curtain (knitting) -- some cotton yarn I found before-shop-opening
  7. Sweater in Cascade Pearls (knitting)
  8. Santa Suit in Sirdar Snuggly DK and Funky fur (knitting)
  9. Table Cloth in Plymouth Encore (knitting)
  10. Table Cloth in King Tut cotton (crochet)
  11. Table Cloth in that cotton yarn mentioned in #6
  12. Face cloth in hemp yarn I found somewhere -- practicing continental knitting
  13. Shawl in Alpaca yarn (knitting -- don't expect pics! It's a gift to someone!)
  14. Various socks in various stages in various yarns -- hidden in cupboard because they were all started pre-move. Haven't the energy to dig them out. All knitting
  15. A cascade 220 jacket/sweater I made before I lost weight -- it's got a huge hole from getting snagged or something that I need to mend, and I was playing with the idea of felting. Just don't want to mend. Yuck. Knitted.
  16. A shopping bag in Samoa cotton from Muench (crochet)
  17. Placemat? Future shopping bag. Dunno, so far a 6" granny square in Sugar 'n Cream. Crochet, natch.
  18. Shawl, in Fiesta Yarn's Rayon Boucle. Amazon colorway, I think. Knitted
  19. Shawl, knitted, circa pre-move. No clue what's it in anymore. It's in the cupboard with aforementioned socks.
  20. Felt clogs in Galway, knitting. Another gift.
I know there's more, but I can't bring 'em to mind. I KNOW I have more than 2 dozen UFOs(UnFinshed Objects) in the wings.

And I will probably start something like a sweater for a gift in the next month. How I will finish them all on time is unknown, but hey, that can be part of the fun. Yeah. Right. Back to needles!