Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Odd Socks

. . . And that's what Chrisanne has been wearing on purpose for the last few days. She gets SSS (second sock syndrome where you get bored with the yarn/color/pattern after the first sock) bad so she has lots of single socks. And she's decided it's OK to wear them. I agree. I think it's great. So does Mistell ;)
And do you see? They even have different heels!

Sock on left: Shaeffer's Anne, a wool mohair blend. Great hand dyed colors.

Sock on Right: Opal

See? Different heels. :)

I'm working on the filigree ensemble wristlets in white prime alpaca. Yummy. I'm done with the lace bit and now have 5" of k1tbl,p1 to do.

Oh and finally a pic of me in my Cascade 220 Superwash - Bernat Illusions cowl neck, yoke sweater. I live in this lately. SO warm and cozy. I went a tensy bit overboard with the neck which hasn't come to fruitition yet in the pic but has now. Ah well. I still love it.

Chrisanne has pulled out her white 'sampler' sweater in Cascade's Sierra -- a cotton wool blend. Shows pattern beautifully and is a joy to knit with.

And that's all from the Shoppe today, m'dears! Coming up soon . . . a (gasp) finished afghan square from Briony!)

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Afghans and Things

I sometimes think only knitters really appreciate other knitted gifts. Happily, this is a rare thought as I click needles together for gifts. However, I got some nifty handmade goodies myself for my birthday recently. LOOKIE! :) Chrisanne made me these out of FurrYarns Mistral! Silk and wool at a DKish weight. Can we say soft? Can we say silky? Oooh yes! And toasty warm to boot. The gorgeous colorways in these yarns are simply more reasons to knit with them.

I also really love the cables she did all up the leg. These didn't even use up the 2 skeins -- Chrisanne thinks you might be able to squeeze a pair of baby socks or something from the leftover yarn.

I am also working on the Afghan squares for our shop's Afghan Knit Along. Here is my current one -- in Cleckheaton Country 8ply available through Plymouth Yarns. Yeah, it's not far along but I only started Saturday! I'm mid way through a cable (the purple needle thing you can't see). I'm fighting my dyslexia pretty hard trying to do cable sans needle but I'm loosing at the moment. :( I just get SO muddled!) Very frustrating. I will persevere, however.

Typing about perservering -- I finished my bulky sweater that should have taken me bare days to complete! Yea! I got it done on the 18th. No piccy because my camera just ran out of battery juice. I know.
Here is Chrisanne's project for the day: her coat out of sock yarns. All mitred squares (I just know I spelled that wrong and massive apologies all around).

Oh and I forgot to post about this last week. My darling cats made some rather large holes in my silk shawl in Dec 2005. I finally pulled it out earlier this month to survey the damage.
This is what the shawl is like now:
There was simply too much damage. Too many rows knawed through too much eaten off. I spent a long time Saturday doing this during the Knit Together. Rip, wind ball winder, yarn ends. Many of those balls are just under 2 rows long. Sigh.
I don't know the future of this yarn. Perhaps a tank top or sweater or something. I used to have roughly 1000 yards. But since I'm looking at only 3 good sized skeins -- who knows. The pain is still there. But the healing is ongoing.
~Happy Knitting,

Thursday, January 11, 2007

All the Colors in the Rainbow

What have I been doing, eh? It's been, what?, nearly a week. Surely I have oodles of new projects, pictures of completed ones. Tales of daring knitting adventures.


I ripped out the sleeves on the top down sweater I was working on, re figured it myself and started up again. I just didn't like the fit of the old ones. Somehow, the sleeves are still in progress. And no, I haven't worked on anything else here. I dunno. I must have been working. :-)

Chrisanne has started several things but I caught her latest here:
AWESOME eh? She's got 21 colors in here! It's roughly based on a Kaffe Fawcet Tumbling Blocks sweater which is based on three groups of lights, brights and darks. She's got each group in a different Lantern Moon basket. She's moving all the ends onto bobbins now -- 3 yards loose tail of each was the original plan. Before The Tangle. Anyway, this gorgeous sweater is out of mercerized cotton -- Cotton Classic, King Tut and Butterfly 10. And, guess what? Ssshhh . . . she's making notes as she's knitting! She is also saying that she is insane working with so many colors. But as she says, her husband won't say it's depressing!
So there ya go. Briony's slogged down on sleeves of a sweater, and Chrisanne is boldly striding into a rainbow, grabbing strands and knitting 'em in a fantastic sweater.
Bets are NOT being taken on the completion of either project at this time. Not that I'm bitter about the sleeves. Oh, no. Not at all.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Sweater and Things . . .

Well, I finished another pair of socks, but since I cast-on another pair right afterwards, I'm not changing my list of projects :) These are Plymouth's Clecheaton, 100% wool, worsted weight. The bottoms burgandy, with Skacel's F/S darning thread for reinforement in the toes and heels. The tops are Cleckheaton too, but in black.

This is the typical table at the Yarn Shoppe -- at least in front of me. This is my sweater. I started it yesterday -- Got gauge and all that Tuesday. It will be my first yoke sweater. I wanted to use up the brown yarn in my stash -- Bernat Illusions in Earth Tones which I can't get anymore. I wanted it warm though, so I added a strand of Cascade's 220 Superwash Aran. I'm working at 2.5 spi on a 10-1/2 addi.

Here is a less messy view. This is to show that I'm working both sleeves at once, each thus having it's own skein of Illusions and 220 Superwash. Then the center one is for the body.
Ok, so the center is the front, and the sleeves are just beginning, one on each naturally, with a 60" Addi working them both at the same time. The blue point protectors are holding the needle points of the 24" that is holding the body stitches.

After I get some part of this done, I'll pick up the neck and add a cowl neck. I cast on with a provisional cast on to make this easier (the yellow waste yarn).
Well, that is all for now. :) I hope to finish the sweater soon so I can wear it. I'm freezing!

And I've started a sweater.