Thursday, September 07, 2006

Baby Bear

This is September's Class. Baby Bears. VERY cute. Very quick. I knit up the back, and finished the top of the front in about 2 and a half hours -- including lots of getting up time. I figure six hours should take care of this guy with ease. A great present (hint, hint). Work on it during your favorite show each night and bam! You've got a bear in a week. Not bad.

Well, here was the little guy before felting next to a Lantern Moon Sheep Tape Measure for scale. He's made out of a single strand of Arucana Nature Wool -- he took rather less than a full skein. His front was mostly done by Chrisanne who moved onto newer projects, and Briony finished him up. He was knit on 10 1/2 needles -- Chrisanne used Plymouth bamboo straights and Briony promptly switched over to the same size circular Addi Turbos -- because that's the circular she had in that size. I (Briony) will not use straights if I can avoid them -- they simply make my wrists hurt. I admire those who can used them with proficiency.

Here he is felted next to the same tape measure.
He felted fairly quick -- 15 minutes in my 40 year old Maytag. It took me nearly an hour to sew on his eyes and nose out of DMC 5 Pearl Cotton but that is because I do not sew well. He is stuffed by left over acrylic yarn -- because I have lots of yarn around and no polyester fiberfill. Perhaps an error, but it works well so far.

And finally, here he is next to the register at the Shoppe. His paws will be untied when he's all done drying.

Come visit him during our SALE or during the class -- the week of Sept. 19th. See our Newsletter on our website for details.

Have a great day!